Watershed Wise Landscape Programs

California Friendly Landscape Training (CFLT)

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is sponsoring California Friendly Landscape Classes throughout six counties in Southern California. These three hour classes are hosted by 26 water agencies and their sub-agencies at various locations. Rather than focus on particular plants, our Qualified Trainers provide an interactive and fact-filled overview of how to develop a successful California Friendly Garden using Watershed Wise techniques, and how to make any climate-appropriate plant happy in your garden.  The six topics covered in the class include: Taking A Watershed Approach; Building A Healthy Soil Sponge; Evaluating and Designing Your Site; Selecting The Right Plant In The Right Place; Using Rainwater As A Resource; and Managing Your Irrigation Properly.

Watershed Wise Hands-On Workshops (HOWs)

Many of our clients provide opportunities for their community to participate in Hands-on Workshops.  HOWs are professionally-led by G3 Qualified Trainers who have extra hands-on experience and training.  HOWs are held in a real garden situation, so you gain actual experience evaluating the landscape and building skills to implement the Watershed Wise techniques discussed in the overview classes.  Each HOW is as different as the particular landscape in which the workshop is held. There are five HOWs currently offered by G3’s Watershed Wise Training: 1) Site Evaluation and Design; 2) Designing Your Watershed Wise Landscape; 3) Soil Building and Grading For Rain Capture; 4) Planting and Irrigation; 5) Garden Stewardship.  G3 also creates customized HOWs and Workdays for its various clients.

Watershed Basics Classes (WBC)

The Watershed Basics Class is a three hour overview class offered outside of the Metropolitan service area.  The Watershed Wise topics covered in the WBC are similar to those covered in the CFLT, with a slightly greater emphasis on Rainwater As A Resource and Reducing Pollution With The Soil Sponge.