Oxnard Residents Learn HOW To Lose The Lawn

Oxnard-Birch-HOW-sm121011 G3 led a series of Hands-on Workshops (HOWs) sponsored by the City of Oxnard, to help people understand how to transform their lawn into an Ocean Friendly Garden using significantly less water, with healthy, living soil supporting CA native plants, and retaining the rainwater from the adjacent roof of the home.  Ten homeowners followed the series from the Watershed Basics Class (held in a classroom), through the Site Evaluation, Sheet Mulching a.k.a. Soil Lasagna, ending with Planting & Irrigation.

Oxnard-Birch-HOW-111911-sm1The resulting Ocean Friendly Garden, or “Sponge Garden,” is an inspiration to the entire neighborhood and all residents of Oxnard, demonstrating Surfrider Foundation’s tenets of C.P.R. – Conservation (native plants, no chemicals used to remove turf, drip irrigation), Permeability (healthy, living soil created through sheet mulching), and Retention (downspouts re-directed into the landscape sponge).

Oxnard-Birch-OFG-Before-111511-sm1The City of Oxnard Ocean Friendly Garden is located at 2820 Hill Ave., and is visible from the street.  Please do not walk on the property.  The garden is best viewed from the sidewalk.